Das ist das Original, welches Toshiyuki Oba von Danilo gemalt hat.

Toshi will draw a beautiful picture from your dog's photographs. You can use photographs of your own dog, either past or present, or a friend or family member's dog to give as a thoughtful and caring gift. Proceeds will be donated to NPO, Volunteer Dog to help fund and promote the activities of the Japan Para Agility program.


To order, please send several photographs of the dog via email. Scenarios that may help the artist better understand the personality and temperament of the dog are also welcome. It will take approximately 2 to 4 weeks for the artist to complete the dog's portrait before it can be shipped to you.


Please note that the order may be turned down depending on various circumstances, including, but not limited to, unclear or inappropriate photos.


Mail to:


You will receive a framed 378 mm X 288 mm original drawing of the dog as well as the data that will enable you to duplicate the drawing on mugs, t-shirts or other goods of your choice.


Price: JPY 27,000


Shipping cost: JPY 2,800 to Europe, JPY 2,400 to North and Central America, Middle and Near East, and Oceania, JPY 3,800 to South America and Africa, JPY 1,800 to Asia.


Payment method: Paypal


For overseas, it can be sent without a frame.


Price: JPY 22,000 Shipping cost of a drawing without a frame:


JPY 1,500 to Europe, JPY 1,200 to North and Central America, Middle and Near East, and Oceania, JPY 1,700 to South America and Africa,JPY 900 to Asia.


Payment method: Paypal


Production starts upon confirmation of your payment of the price and the shipping cost.